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From vishal1981 <>
Subject Customer PollingConsumerPollStrategy but with message header or exchange property
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2012 23:08:17 GMT

I want to log any and all FTP failures when using an FTP consumer. As I
understand I have to,
1. Implement -PollingConsumerPollStrategy
2. set throwExceptionOnConnectFailed=true on the FTP URI. (Is there an
equivalent one for File endpoint?)
3. Also setting, consumer.bridgeErrorHandler=true to handle other exception
happening after Poll finishes.

Now my question is,
1. If I set consumer.bridgeErrorHandler=true (using Camel 2.10)do I still
need to implement PollingConsumerPollStrategy? or will my FTP exception be
automatically handled by the onException clause set on the whole context?
2. The logging is done via a Stateless EJB and I dont want to create one
instance for each FTP consumer rather share one for all FTP consumers.
However I want to customize the Error Message with something specific to the
endpoint URI which caused the exception. I have set a header on the message
after the FTP consumer via 
simple(Long.toString(provider.getId()), Long.class)) but as I understand if
FTP fails there will not even be an exchange that will be created. Hence in
my rollback method in the PollingConsumerPollStrategy implementation I have
no way to get PROVIDER_ID which I need to log. I cannot reverse look up
provider_id using the endpoint URI either.

Is there any other way to achieve this? Pass in an extra parameter to the
rollback method
Thanks in advance,

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