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From Ignat <>
Subject Issue with JMS endpoint & headers that do not conform to JMS spec
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2012 14:59:14 GMT

I think I've run into certain issue with camel - normally it allows almost
any header names, but JMS spec is quite restrictive about it (taken from JMS
1.1 paragraph, page 42):

- An identifier is an unlimited-length character sequence that must begin
with a Java identifier start character; all following characters must be
Java identifier part characters. An identifier start character is any
character for which the method Character.isJavaIdentifierStart returns true.
This includes ‘_’ and ‘$’. An identifier part character is any character for
which the method Character.isJavaIdentifierPart returns true.
- Identifiers cannot be the names NULL, TRUE, or FALSE.
..... (formal naming rules about reserved identifiers are skipped) ...

So, for example, Foo://Bar&baz is valid header for using within camel route,
but it won't pass JMS provider validation for identifier correctness.

This issue is hidden in Camel to certain degree, since identifiers like
foo-bar will be auto-magically transformed into foo_HYPEN_bar, but this
transformation does not affect whole range of possible values.

My current workaround is to actually strip all message's headers that do not
conform to quoted spec, but some policy of auto-magical header's
transformation (from incoming messages and for outgoing messages) could be
potentially useful.

For some reason I cannot find any code in camel trunk that ignores header
names that are not conforming to be java identifiers (looked into
shouldOutputHeader and
and DefaultHeaderFilterStrategy) so I presume this is just an oversight.

Also current behaviour contradicts to
Message Header Mapping wiki section.


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