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From Pontus Ullgren <>
Subject Problem when "redeploying" routes that uses CronScheduledRoutePolicy
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2012 14:01:52 GMT

We have a application  where we dynamically changes route
configuration by "redeploying" them.

This is done using the following steps.
1. Stop the route
2. Remove the route (and it's endpoints) from the context.
3. (Re)add the route to the context using the same name.

For routes that uses the CronScheduledRoutePolicy the redeploy phase
failes since there are jobs still registered in quartz.

I've solved this by adding my own implementation of onRemove method to
the CronScheduledRoutePolicy and this seems solves this problem.

Test case and modified version of CronScheduledRoutePolicy can be found here:

Before I go and report this as a issue in Jira I just wanted to check
with the list if this is by design and the problem is in the way I'm
using CronScheduledRoutePolicy ?

Best regards
Pontus Ullgren

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