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From gramanero <>
Subject Re: Transacted vs DeadLetterQueue
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2012 14:05:54 GMT
How do you get the message to "bounce off the front of the queue"? Can you
control whether the message is on the front or back of the queue? You
brought up an interesting point at the beginning of this thread that
indicated that a message could get stuck on the front of the queue thus
preventing all other messages rom processing, so I would be interested to
know how you are essentially pulling the message of and putting it back on
the end of the queue. I thought a rollback would essentially keep the
message on the front of the queue. Its a FIFO queue, right?

Overall, an interesting approach. I like the idea of getting messages
temporarily out of the way until they can "play nice" again. I can see in a
connection lost scenario that all of the messages will potentially end up in
purgatory and then be put back on the original queue, hopefully when the
service is available again. Essentially a holding tank until the situation
resolves itself. I think the difficulty with any approach is with
determining why a message is not playing nice. It is bad message content or
is there some sort of system failure. Bad message content most likely means
that the message needs to be taken out of rotation permanently (probably not
to many cases where you can "fix" the message content), but a system failure
(i.e. consuming service is down) is when we would want to try and re-play
the message at a later time.

Thanks for sharing. I'm interesting to see how this pans out for you.

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