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From javaxmlsoapdev <>
Subject Aggregator from JMS endpoints
Date Sun, 22 Apr 2012 13:48:54 GMT

I am just starting to learn camel and stumbled upon a question for a use
case that I am dealing with. I need to design a route which consumes
messages from one JMS queue (call it a activeMQ.queue.sourceQueue) and
dispatched to multiple destination queues (call them
activeMQ.queue.destination1, activeMQ.queue.destination2 etc). sure will
there be intermediate processing/business logic etc before forwarding to the
destination queues. 

Now when publishing to one of the JMS destination(queue) fails (let's say
there were two and one failed), then I want camel to retry it(redeliver) for
3 times before raising an exception. In this scenario publishing to another
queue was successful but 1st queue failed so aggregator should return false
or throw an exception for first JMS source endpoint to keep the message in
the source queue(or error queue). which will be picked up again at a later
point of time and go through the same logic/route etc.

I am not sure how to design such aggregator which publishes to JMS queues
and gather exceptions/success etc?

Another question is how can we scale this aggregator since potentially we'll
be dealing with millions of messages. 

Any help/pointers/samples are appreciated.


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