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From Knut Aksnes-NOR <>
Subject RE: Strange behavior of the servlet component
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2012 09:02:04 GMT

One extra detail. I am using Geronimo with Jetty.

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From: Knut Aksnes-NOR [] 
Sent: 27. mars 2012 10:54
Subject: Strange behavior of the servlet component

I have a route collection packaged as a jar using 2.9.1 the routes are deployed on Geronimo
2.2.1 and consists of a couple of incoming servlets as well as some seda routes. The routes
invoke other seda routes, some ActiveMQ routes as well as one external http server using the
http component. Everything is done using ExchangePattern.InOut.

The war file is packaged inside an EAR before being deployed to Geronimo.

The problem is that it seems to be something very strange with the servlet component.

1.       It won't work at all unless matchOnUriPrefix=true for the servlet.

2.       After reloading my EAR, the first invocation of one of the servlets works as expected.
The problem being that from the second invocation onwards all calls seems to be routed to
the servlet I invoked first. For me this is totally unexpected behavior and seems like a quite
serious bug.

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