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From Stefan Eder <>
Subject Re: Camel and Spring 3.1
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2012 17:22:24 GMT
Camel refers to Spring bundles only indirectly through Karafs standard 
features and I use an own version of these.
I can imagine that this is not recommended, but it is a requirement for 
me as I use a replacement for Pax logging.
To ensure that the unwanted bundles don't get packaged it also requires 
some exclusions in the assembly descriptor.

If, as with Hibernate 4, only some new classes introduced with Spring 
3.1 are required, another solution could be to pack this classes into an 
additional spring bundle.
Maven dependency:unpack could be utilized to do that.

Regards, Stefan

On 10.03.2012 19:07, Christian Müller wrote:
> Maybe Stefan don't use the Camel provided features and install all the
> needed bundles by its own or build its own feature file which use Spring
> 3.1.x. That's possible but not recommended, because Camel 2.9.1 is "only"
> tested with Spring 3.0.x. This means it could work, but you cannot be sure.
> It's also possible that may camel-jpa works with Spring 3.1.x but another
> Camel component e.g. camel-jms/camel-activemq will fail with Spring 3.1.x.
> In the past we already did support two different versions of Spring (2.5.x
> and 3.0.x). I'm not sure were we was happy with this solution (two
> different feature files in Camel)...
> Loud thinking:
> At the moment I'm not sure if it's really the best idea that Camel reuse
> the Karaf provided Spring feature (may be this is also the case for other
> features). The reason is the following:
> Imagine you run Karaf 2.2.x (plain Karaf or ServiceMix) and you don't want
> to upgrade your container infrastructure multiple times per year (this is
> the case for my company). When you upgrade your Camel based application to
> a Camel version which use Spring 3.1.x, you have to:
> - upgrade your container infrastructure also (Karaf)
> - or change the Camel provided feature file and change all the places where
> Camel requires the Spring feature (from Karaf) and replace it with the
> Spring 3.1.x bundles.
> Be leveraging the Karaf Spring features it's easier to have all the
> dependencies in sync, but it adds an (unnecessary) constraint.
> And if Karaf 2.2.6 also use Spring 3.1.x, it doesn't fix this constraint...
> I'm interested in your all opinions.
> Best,
> Christian
> On Sat, Mar 10, 2012 at 5:01 PM, wanggang1<>  wrote:
>> Hi Stefan,
>> When I used Camel 2.9.1, I saw Maven pulled down Spring 3.0.7-RELEASE as
>> dependencies.  When you added Spring 3.1 explicitly, did it then cause any
>> conflict?
>> Thanks
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