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Subject Verification (crypto:verify) does not remove CamelDigitalSignature header
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2012 18:41:42 GMT
I'm using Camel 2.9.0 (Spring 3.0.6) with Java 1.6 on Tomcat 7. The following route successfully
signs and verifies a message:
<from uri="direct:signMe"/>        
<to uri="crypto:sign://keystore?keystore=#signMe&amp;alias=signMe&amp;password=signMe"
<log message="HEADER (SIGNATURE): ${headers}" />
<to uri="crypto:verify://keystore?keystore=#signMe&amp;alias=signMe" />
<log message="HEADER (VERIFICATION): ${headers}" />
<to uri="mock:result"/>
However, the CamelDigitalSignature header is not removed after successful verification. Header
after signature and after verification are completely identical. From looking at the clearMessageHeaders
method in VerifyingProcessor, this header should be removed since this field is listed in
DigitalSignatureProcessor, shouldn't it?
Regards, Dominik
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