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From "Erker, Carsten" <>
Subject Re: Do Apache Camel needs a SAP integration?
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2012 10:39:01 GMT
Hi Christian,

yes, a colleague who is Apache member just explained it to me.

We are discussing about switching to ASL 2.0 with the next version.


Am 20.01.2012 um 10:36 schrieb Christian Schneider:

> Hi Carsten,
> you migth want to take a look at the Apache license policies:
> LGPL is listed as excluded so it may not be used as a dependency of an apache product
(as far as I understand).
> I am not sure why it can´t be used but I guess some lawyer has helped with that policy.
> Christian
> Am 20.01.2012 09:27, schrieb cerker:
>> Björn, thanks a lot for sharing your camel-hibersap component. I only just
>> started playing around with camel and liked it very much. Now there is a
>> good reason to take a deeper look.
>> It's good to hear that Hibersap helped you with your project. Regarding the
>> license, I think there should be no problems to combine libraries that are
>> under the Apache license and ones under LGPL (at least in their current
>> versions). We initially liked the idea of a copyleft license and LGPL is the
>> one most widely used. After all, I am not a lawyer and the big disadvantage
>> of LGPL is that nobody seems to fully understand it and things are open to
>> interpretation. Anyway, I'll have a talk with some people in my company who
>> have a deeper understanding of OS licenses and we'll rethink the
>> licensing....
>> If you got any questions feel free to contact me via email or use the
>> Hibersap forums or issue tracker on Sourceforge.
>> Best Regards,
>> Carsten
>> (Founder of the Hibersap project)
>> -
> -- 
> Christian Schneider
> Open Source Architect
> Talend Application Integration Division

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