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From Björn Bength <>
Subject Re: Do Apache Camel needs a SAP integration?
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2012 13:02:14 GMT

After some adjustments to make the code shareable, I just pushed the
camel-hibersap component to GitHub.
You can find it at

I realized that the actual camel part of it is very small and does not
include transaction or proper thread pool support yet.
However, similar component is used by our client and works very well
in our camel integration code (based on ServiceMix).

It compiles as an osgi bundle and embeds JCo and hibersap libraries,
neither which i'm redistributing.
Therefore you have to compile it yourself, after installing JCo and
hibersap into you own maven repo.
(This is very well documented in the hibersap documentation)

You can use it as it is, or treat it like an example from which to
base a better component.
I don't have an SAP server at hand, so I can't make it better right now.
Also, the unit tests use a real SAP server, so they are disabled for
now, and should be made into an integration test suit,
but they are the best example of how to use this component. So have a
look at those. They are very simple but demonstrates usage very well.
More examples can be found at the hibersap site.


On Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 10:16 AM, Guillaume Yziquel
<> wrote:
> Le Saturday 14 Jan 2012 à 15:37:38 (+0100), Björn Bength a écrit :
>> Hi
>> At our client (a bank) in Sweden, we created a camel component that
>> integrated their SAP server.
>> It can only call BAPI functions right now but it uses JCo of course,
>> and Hibersap which allows to annotate java beans just send it through
>> to the camel endpoint. All this on ServiceMix where we made the
>> camel-SAP (with jco) component OSGi firendly.
>> It worked so well that those SAP guys we worked with told us that they
>> never before had an integration project that actually worked on _the
>> first_ test transaction.
>> Unfortunatly hibersap is LGPL but it really (really) makes working
>> with Jco sooo much easier.
>> And just maybe hibersap can convert it's license, but from another
>> thread (MongoDB) I got the feeling that all of you like to have a
>> "native" camel component in all cases.
>> My intention was to put this on GitHub though, but I never took time to do so.
>> I could share the parts I wrote if someone is interested, and call it
>> camel-hibersap.
>> Regards
>> Björn
> I guess it would be quite nice to put such a Camel Component on Github.
> Please feel free to do so and keep us updated.
> --
> Guillaume Yziquel

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