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From Filippo Balicchia <>
Subject create a transacted policy with camel
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2012 18:11:32 GMT
Hello i try to use transaction from camel in osgi bundle.

My route look like this

Exception("persistence error"))
And i my configuration look like this:

<bean id="activemq"
	<property name="connectionFactory">
			<osgi:reference interface="javax.jms.ConnectionFactory" />
	<property name="transacted" value="true" />
	<property name="transactionManager">
			interface="org.springframework.transaction.PlatformTransactionManager" />

<camelContext xmlns="">
		<routeBuilder ref="destRoute" />

At bundle startup it tell me that that doesn't find camel-spring
'Cannot create a transacted policy as camel-spring.jar is not on the classpath'
It 'very clear but in my header package
are present.

Where am I mistaken or forgotten, or what?

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