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From Andrey Stelmashenko <>
Subject Apache Camel applicability
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2012 13:13:25 GMT
Hello, Community!

I work on a project design and consider using of apache camel. I
looked through the documentation, I liked it! I see that I may need
components and message translators. But I doubt in a way I`m going to
use it.
Here is some brief overview of a project goal:

The project is a mediator, let it be project M. project M will be a
client of several third party systems S1,S2,S3...
Also there is a project A which will use M to get aggregated data from
third party systems (S1,S2..) in some intermediate object model.

Scenario I plan to use apache camel is:

project A makes call to project M which makes several calls to systems
S1, S2 ..., translates object model from S1, S2... into A object model
and returns result to A.

Is the above scenario is normal for the use of apache camel?

Thank you.

sincerely yours
Developer at JBS

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