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From deckerego <>
Subject Re: Garbage collection Execuation ...
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2011 16:10:07 GMT
If you're seeing objects repeatedly get tenured into old gen, that often is a
symptom of object references never being freed up. In that case it's not a
garbage collection issue but more of a memory leak in your code. Collections
that grow indefinitely or repeatedly creating prototype beans can often be
the cause.

If a leak isn't immediately obvious in code, probably the next best step is
profiling the application and watching where the memory growth is happening.
If you see large byte[] arrays or the like then you may be holding far too
many documents in memory or caching strings at some point.

atiato wrote
> The issue in the old gen heap , it keeps growing while running the stress
> testing it reaches 1.5 GB and keeps the used heap that size even after
> finishing the testing , it keeps the same size I tried GC from JMX nothing
> changed .
> Can you advise if I should pass any parameter to JVM for GC ?
> How can I manage to free the old gen heap to back to original state before
> doing the stress testing after directly finishing the testing I need to
> restore the old heap .

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