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From Raul Kripalani <>
Subject Re: Date String Creation
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2011 13:05:34 GMT
Once again, if your messages are XML and you want to manipulate
dateTime types, I suggest you use the standard XPath/XQuery functions.
It's gonna be simpler and probably faster.

Both the XQuery example or the XPath language (with Saxon as a Factory
as support for XPath 2.0 is needed) would do the trick.

On 8 Dec 2011, at 05:56, Castyn <> wrote:

> For example, lets say I had a value in a route that I could get with some
> simple xpath, but I needed to pass that as a parameter to a bean that would
> do some calculation on that value and return it, so that I could then set it
> as a header or such.  Is there a way this could be done without relying on a
> custom processor?
> For instance, I know I can do the following to get a value from a bean
> method:
> <setHeader headerName="lastRunDate">
>    <method ref="lastRun" method="getLastRunDate"/>
> </setHeader>
> But what if I want to have a bean that will take in a value thatis not the
> entire message body and do something with it?  Such as a value resolved from
> this expression:
> <xpath resultType="java.lang.String">//s:randomInfo</xpath>
> How can that be best accomplished?  I know a custom processor allows you
> full access to the headers and body, as would a bean with annotations of the
> headers and body, but it seems like overkill if all I would want to do is
> set and retrieve a value from a bean such as a singleton to be utilized by
> the route.
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