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From simon godden <>
Subject Consuming from jetty http endpoint causes transaction error
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2011 11:38:22 GMT
I have had a context happily set up using XA transactions for several days.

As long as I am triggering it from a "direct:start" producer, then
everything is fine - my XA transactions work.

As soon as I change it to trigger from the jetty http endpoint
producer, I get an error when I do my first queue write:  Session's
XAResource has not been enlisted in a distributed transaction.  If I
switch it back to "direct:start", then no problem.

I have tried playing about with this every which way to no avail.  Can
anyone help?

	<camelContext id="cargo-publish-new-polices-context"

		<errorHandler id="deadLetterChannel" type="DeadLetterChannel"
			<redeliveryPolicy maximumRedeliveries="5"
retryAttemptedLogLevel="WARN" redeliveryDelay="500" />

			<jaxb id="jaxb" contextPath="com.catlincargo.cargopolicy._1" />

		<route id="getNewPolicies">
			<from uri="direct:start" />
			<from uri="jetty:http://localhost:11000/cargoFrameIntegration"/>
                        <to uri="vm:cargoNewPoliciesIn" />

		<route id="publishNewPolicies">
			<from uri="vm:cargoNewPoliciesIn" />
			<transacted />
			<bean ref="policyProducer" />
				<process ref="preMarshalingProcessor" />
				<marshal ref="jaxb" />
				<to uri="activemq:queue:cargoNewPolicies" />
			<process ref="processedModVersionUpdateProcessor" />

		<route id="invokeFrame" errorHandlerRef="deadLetterChannel">
			<from uri="activemq:queue:cargoNewPolicies" />
			<transacted />
			<unmarshal ref="jaxb" />
			<process ref="frameInvocationProcessor" />

		<route id="handleFrameError">
			<from uri="vm:frameError" />
			<transacted />
			<unmarshal ref="jaxb" />
			<process ref="errorLogProcessor" />
			<process ref="preMarshalingProcessor" />
			<marshal ref="jaxb" />
			<to uri="activemq:queue:cargoNewPoliciesError" />


Simon Godden

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