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From newbiee <>
Subject Remote Messaging using CAMEL
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2011 20:59:19 GMT
CAMEL Community:

 I have raised this question earlier also and got some directions which are
great, but I am still stuck at a critical step and need your help in solving

I am new to CAMEL and learning it. I have a project which I have explained
in my other post but now I am focusing on where I am stuck. I have drawn a
diagram which I am attaching with this post in an attempt to better convey
my question. I am develpoing a prototype to prove that CAMEL can be used to
solve this problem.

I have written a small java program to send a command to the digi device and
I'm sucessfully able to execute it and getting the response back from the
truck. I have used "jsch-0.1.41.jar" in my program. Now I want to prove that
this can be done in CAMEL. This will be a great way to convince others and
launch CAMEL and start using it at work place.

I have been told that NETTY or MINA camel component can be used. 
I have been told to use EXEC component for command line
I have been told to use template.requestBody

The suggestion are great, but I need more help in put all the pieces

Here I only want to discuss how to prepare a route that will 

1. Send a command to the digi device
2. Receive response from the digi device

I want to implement and test it with actual digi device. I do not want a
test case. I have spent a lot of time, trying to implement it but I could
not, though I have learnt a lot about unit testing, direct endpoint,
consumer and producer template but I am unable to put all the dots together
to come-up with the solution. I think direct endpoint, consumer and producer
template are good for unit testing, not for implementing/executing actual
route. (I may be wrong)

Please help me in completing this prototype.

Thank you. 

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