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From newbiee <>
Subject Re: Remotely pulling messages using CAMEL
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2011 14:40:27 GMT
Thank you for the response. 
Below are some more clarifications and my questions:

"Good, dynamic addresses are ok, DNS is ok. However, you need to know the 
host names then, right? How do you know those? "

In the digi Connect ware manager we have both IP address and the host name.
We'll send the host name and DNS server will provide the IP for the host

"Then you need to know the format of the message (both request and 
reply). Is it already enforced by those who wrote the code on the digi 
or is something for you to define? At this point this is the most 
important question you need to answer. So how does the message you send 
look like, and what's the content of the response? "

The message format has been enforced (both request and reply). Here is an
example of the command that will be sent to the digi device:

C0 80 05 00 54 72 C0 

Digi will relay this message to the computer onboard truck which is
connected to the digi via serial port. 
digi will get the response ,shown below, which it will send to the client:

C0 81 1F 00 00 00 00 00 3E 00 01 73 9F 00 50 00 06 07 40 46 EE B1 99 F6 3A
00 4E BA AE 6F 33 6D C0

Similarly , there are many other command/messages that are sent/received
to/from digi device.

"The only thing you need is to use either camel-http (if you use https), 
or camel-netty or camel-mina if you prefer raw IP connections. From your
description, if I were to choose, I would go with https (and use
camel-http). "

At present I would like to try/test both options camel-netty or camel-mina
and  camel-http.

my questions:

"The nugget above points to a dynamic router [1], probably a routing slip 
[2] as being part of the solution."

Q. I didn't get what you mean. No body has pointed  dynamic router/routing
slip. Who is nugget?

you mentioned that "Camel should be your client program". 
Q. All I know is that I'll have to do something like this:

<from uri="mina:tcp://IP Address:8888?textline=true&amp;sync=true"/> 

My question is that prior to saying from, I will need to pull the host name
from the database, then get the IP for the host via DNS server then
establish the connection with digi using the IP address and port. Then I
will send a command, get the response. Then send the second command, get the
second response. I will have to do this for all the digi devices that are up
and connected to the trucks. Where should I put all this logic and how will
it work with the from end point. 

One I know how to put the bits together I will test it using "some
endpoints" with the real message format.

Thank you very much for your valuable feedback. I am anxious to see CAMEL in
action for my project.

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