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From awillia <>
Subject Unreleased thread, possible in SMPP component
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2011 21:17:43 GMT
We are using the SMPP component to integrate our messaging platform with
SMS-Cs. I have found that we occasionally get a massive rise in number of
threads in the system.

It would go from around 300 threads used with a steady rise up to over 5,000

Looking at when this occurs I think it is linked to losing a connection with
the SMS-C and therefore it tries to reconnect. While the connection is down
it continues to increase the thread count and then when the connection is
re-established it flat lines again and stays at that number (ie. over

I am wondering whether it is linked to the SMPPSession in jsmpp and the fact
that each time we try to reconnect we establish a new session. The previous
session is closed, but the session contains a PDUReaderWorker that has a
thread pool (with a default size of 3). I suspect the threads in this pool
are not being released when the session is closed. 

Has anyone had this problem or has knowledge about whether my suspicions are

In JConsole I have alot of threads that look like this.

Name: pool-1329-thread-1
State: WAITING on
Total blocked: 0  Total waited: 1

Stack trace: 
sun.misc.Unsafe.park(Native Method)

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