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From szaruba <>
Subject Non polling based file consumer
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2011 14:20:46 GMT
Hi everybody,

In our project we have to grab lots of files out of a directory and copy
them into another directory. 
The time, when we start the file consumption is fixed and given, we just
have to grab all files from
the directory.(What I have to say is, that we don't know how much files we
have to grab, or how they are named)  
If this happened, we want to make the route sleeping until the next
"grabbing" time. At the end of the 
route (when all Files are transfered), we are calling a java bean for
creating a protocol.

We have already solved the timer based task(our route is starting at a fixed
time, using quartz) and now 
there is the problem: The route isn't able to sleep, because the file
consumer is polling based and always 
polling on the directory. 

What we need: In best case, we want to use a file consumer, which is able to
start grabbing files from a directory 
(consuming all files) and able to stop, when all files are consumed.  (so a
non polling based file endpoint)

If this solution doesn't exist in camel yet, we need to do a workaround.
Maybe there is a possibility, to 
stop the polling consumer, when the consumer wasn't able to find files for
more than a fixed duration? 
(maybe 1 minute or something like this) Or are there any other workarounds
to stop the polling consumer, if all files were consumed? Is it possible to
customize the polling consumer?

I know are already some topics, which are familiar to this topic, I have
already read the following topics:

I have to say, I haven't found any solutions in these topics. If any
additional Information is needed, please answer to this post.
Thanks in advance,

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