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From Mirko Caserta <>
Subject Tracer set to WARN breaks app
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2011 12:43:37 GMT
Hi there,
I have a weird issue regarding the Tracer.

The problem my client is reporting is that switching the logger on
"org.apache.camel.processor.interceptor.Tracer" from INFO to WARN
breaks the application. I know it sounds weird but I've been able to
reproduce the issue in my environment.

I am using camel 2.7.2 but some preliminary tests with 2.8.0 show no difference.

Also, I'm using slf4j-api and logback-classic for logging.

The problem manifests itself in a route where I'm getting an xml
response message from an http client component, then pass it to a
Smooks processor. When "org.apache.camel.processor.interceptor.Tracer"
is set to WARN, it looks like the message has disappeared between the
http client and the Smooks processor (which complains with a
"Premature EOF" exception).

I also see that, when the route is working, the message body is an
instance of
right after the http client component, then suddenly becomes an

The obvious workaround so far is to tell my client to set
org.apache.camel.processor.interceptor.Tracer on INFO, but they
complain that logs are too verbose and would prefer to set the tracer

I can share my route config and/or code if you think it would help.

Thanks, Mirko.

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