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From shekher awasthi <>
Subject Fetching xslt file over HTTP using Camel
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2011 05:03:50 GMT
Hi All,

Till now i was able to work in smooth way with camel but the moment we
started working on xslt component it giving a lot of issues, earlier we were
facing issues in fetching xslt file to covert XML to our custom format XML,
when we were trying to fetch xsl file form the path outside the classpath
camel was unable to recognize that path below is the discussion thread

though we solved the problem but now we are trying to fetch xls file over
HTTP so that we can provide  flexibility to change file at any time without
any server restart or major change.
for testing we placed the file in our web-application under following


and we are able to open this file on the web browser which indicates that
the file is accessible over HTTP (we are using tomcat )

here is the line of code we are using to fetch xsl over HTTP

  <route id="test">
      <from uri="file://target/inventory/updates?noop=true"/>
                <csv />
       <to uri="bean:XMLConverter?method=processCSVInvoice" />
       <to uri="xslt:http://localhost:7777/Adapt/xslt/XMLConverter.xsl"/>
      <to uri="file://target/inventory/updates/test?fileName=test11.xml"/>

but this is not working as we are getting server timeout error and if i will
remove this line

<to uri="xslt:http://localhost:7777/Adapt/xslt/XMLConverter.xsl"/>

things will start working out here is the out put from console

INFO: Starting Servlet Engine: Apache Tomcat/6.0.32
Aug 8, 2011 10:18:03 AM org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationContext log
INFO: Initializing Spring FrameworkServlet 'dispatcher'
[                          main] DispatcherServlet              INFO
FrameworkServlet 'dispatcher': initialization started
[                          main] XmlWebApplicationContext       INFO
Refreshing WebApplicationContext for namespace 'dispatcher-servlet': startup
date [Mon Aug 08 10:18:03 IST 2011]; root of context hierarchy
[                          main] XmlBeanDefinitionReader        INFO
Loading XML bean definitions from ServletContext resource
[                          main] CamelNamespaceHandler          INFO  OSGi
environment not detected.
[                          main] DefaultListableBeanFactory     INFO
Pre-instantiating singletons in
defining beans
root of factory hierarchy
[                          main] BeanNameUrlHandlerMapping      INFO  Mapped
URL path [/adapter/*.htm] onto handler '/adapter/*.htm'
[                          main] SpringCamelContext             INFO  Apache
Camel 2.7.2 (CamelContext: test123) is starting
[                          main] SpringCamelContext             INFO  JMX
enabled. Using ManagedManagementStrategy.

it getting strucked at "[                          main]
SpringCamelContext             INFO  JMX enabled. Using
ManagedManagementStrategy." and than server is throwing timeout exception, i
even tried by increasing timeout in tomcat but it did not helped

so any one have idea why it is behaving like this

Thanks in advance

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