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From Michael Mertins <>
Subject AW: Deploying my own component/context in Karaf
Date Sun, 07 Aug 2011 13:08:41 GMT
Thanks, Filippo :)

Did you implement your own components for deployment in Karaf, too?^^

Here the points:

1: Camel-core is installed (I installled camel and camel-blueprint)
2: My class is defined in \META-INF\services\org\apache\camel\component\myComponent , so I
dont need to write a context anymore, right?
3: The bundle appears when I do "list" in Karaf, will try the bundle-install command asap

4: Sidenote: If I want to send a file that my component handles, I only need a producer but
no consumer in my component, right? I mean something like from uri=file to uri=myComponent

Hope my steps are making sense...


Von: Filippo Balicchia []
Gesendet: Sonntag, 7. August 2011 08:50
Cc: Michael Mertins
Betreff: Re: Deploying my own component/context in Karaf

Hello Micheal,

1: Did your karaf support camel-core (Is it installed in your container).

2: Where is defined your component class ?

3: To install your bundle you can use bundle:install command

I hope this can help ..


2011/8/6 Michael Mertins <>:
> Hi all,
> I wrote my own component based on
> And created a file in \META-INF\services\org\apache\camel\component that links my Class
> After the maven compile I get a jar that I deploy in karaf's deploy folder and that is
listed in karaf, then, too. BUT after I create a blueprint xml route to my new component,
the route is not loaded... What did I do wrong? How can I deploy my own context in Karaf?
Just adding a Context-Implementation-Class tot he jar?
> This is my route; it works with normal components, but not with my custom component.
> <blueprint xmlns="">
>    <camelContext xmlns="">
>        <route>
>            <from uri="file://c:/tmp/bla.tif" />
>            <to uri="myComponent:bla" />
>        </route>
>    </camelContext>
> </blueprint>
> Hope you can give me a hint. Please CC your answer to my address if possible.
> Thank you,
> Michael Mertins
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