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From Taariq Levack <>
Subject Which combination of EIPs for this scenario?
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2011 06:36:02 GMT

I'm doing some socket integration, there's an agreed handshake etc,
then both parties can send and receive on 2 different ports.
I have to keep track of the outbound messages so I can retry if I
don't receive a response within
the timeout limit.

Now of course I can't use normal Camel retry DSL, because we send to
the socket and receive on another port.
So what I've started with, which isn't working really well hence the
post, is a multicast to both the socket and an
The aggregator will maybe timeout and then send a message right back
to the route that does the
multicast to both socket and aggregator.
In happy days it will correlate the socket's response and then be able
to send this new exchange to another endpoint.

Any better ideas while I panelbeat that some more, because I think it
should work, it's simulating some async delays and whatnot in the test
setup that I think is responsibly for me going a little bit grey here,
but anyway.


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