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From James Talbut <jtal...@tardis.spudsoft>
Subject TraceHandler not being called when there is a fault on an asynchronous CXF endpoint
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2011 08:43:15 GMT

I'm using a combination of a Camel TraceHandler and a CXF interceptor to capture on-the-wire
messages and log them with the Camel message.
In normal use this all works, but when I have an error the Camel TraceHandler isn't being
called (the rest of the route is picking up the error correctly, it's just the 
tracing that isn't working).

When I run under the debugger everything works as expected.
When I add synchronous=true to the CXF endpoints everything works as expected.

Anyone got any ideas or suggestions for where I should look?

This is with Camel 2.7.1, running on Windows.



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