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From Joshua Watkins <>
Subject Rejecting JMS messages on camel route update.
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2011 10:48:40 GMT
I was using ActiveMQ 5.5 with Camel 2.7.0 and during a update of the route
lost some messages and found this error in the log

2011-06-13 13:25:42,950 | INFO  | Starting to graceful shutdown 1 routes
(timeout 300 seconds) | org.apache.camel.impl.DefaultShutdownStrategy |
2011-06-13 13:25:42,971 | WARN  | Rejecting received message because of
the listener container having been stopped in the meantime:

My route is something like:

<from uri="activemq:component?concurrentConsumers=300"/>
    <choice id="choice2">
		<simple>${in.headers.JMSType} == 'bob'</simple>
			<to uri="log:metrics?groupInterval=10000" id="to11"/>
			<to uri="activemq:component2" id="to12"/>
			<to uri=""/>

I did a search and found a bug corrected back in Camel 2.2 but nothing
since then. Is there anyway to prevent accepting/rejecting messages when
restarting the route?

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