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From boday <>
Subject Re: Maximum Number of Routes
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2011 20:35:50 GMT
same question...same answer

krishy wrote:
> This might be question that falls in the premature optimization category. 
> I am working on a project where users create watch lists on the various
> events in the system based on 
> certain criteria and whenever the events that satisfy their criteria are
> met, an email is sent to the user. Say
> for example one user could create a watch that says "When ever the price
> of Foobar product goes below $10, 
> inform me", another could have a watch that says "Whenever the product Foo
> is sold out email me" etc.,
> The events are pushed out to a ActiveMQ topic and I had envisioned each of
> these watch list items as a 
> dynamically added route from the topic to an email end point. I had
> thought about using recipient list but it 
> got pretty messy quickly as it turned out to be a big if else statement.
> This has a potential to explode to thousands of routes as each user could
> configure multiple watches. I plan
>  to test this out as well but would really like some feedback from the
> list. Is this a safe approach to take? 
> What determines the number of routes that can be configured in this case?

Ben O'Day
IT Consultant -

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