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From boday <>
Subject Re: Redelivery, Attach Exception cause to message
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2011 05:19:14 GMT
hey Steve, I'm not aware of a way to do this with AMQ config alone, but I
have done this in Camel to allow us to triage errored out messages, etc.

I just added a processor in my onException() stmt to add headers to the JMS
message prior to sending to an error queue...

	.process(new Processor() {
		public void process(Exchange exch) throws Exception {
			Exception exception = (Exception)
			exch.getIn().setHeader("CamelException", exception.toString());
exchange.getProperty(Exchange.FAILURE_ENDPOINT, String.class));
exchange.getProperty(Exchange.TO_ENDPOINT, String.class););


smozely wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> Just wanting to run some ideas about our design past the folks here and
> have a couple of questions from it.
> We are using ActiveMQ for our JMS
> We have a pretty simple processing pipeline where ...
> * Messages come in from various files 
> * After small amount of filtering (different per file input) they get
> forwarded to a single JMS queue
> * From that JMS queue they go through various enrichments
> * Finally forwarded onto a downstream system
> The work I'm doing at the moment is around redelivery in case of failure,
> mainly wanting to handle failures in the enrichment process.
> So far I have setup the JMS config to work transacted and do re-deliveries
> as needed on any exception, finally being passed to the ActiveMQ dead
> letter queue.
> But a feature we would like to have is for dead letters to have some way
> of knowing what caused the failure (other than the log.) Something like
> adding the exception to exchange before going to the DLQ. This seems
> pretty easy to do as well ... 
> But question is to do this, does this imply we should now use the camel
> provided redelivery and exception handling to handle the common errors
> (using onRedelivery to attach the cause to the exchange), but leave the
> JMS action as transacted to catch things like the whole JVM crashing, plug
> being pulled out?
> Just wanting to make sure I have the concepts right in my head.
> Cheers
> Steve

Ben O'Day
IT Consultant -

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