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From smozely <>
Subject Redelivery, Attach Exception cause to message
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2011 05:11:01 GMT
Hi everybody,

Just wanting to run some ideas about our design past the folks here and have
a couple of questions from it.
We are using ActiveMQ for our JMS

We have a pretty simple processing pipeline where ...
* Messages come in from various files 
* After small amount of filtering (different per file input) they get
forwarded to a single JMS queue
* From that JMS queue they go through various enrichments
* Finally forwarded onto a downstream system

The work I'm doing at the moment is around redelivery in case of failure,
mainly wanting to handle failures in the enrichment process.

So far I have setup the JMS config to work transacted and do re-deliveries
as needed on any exception, finally being passed to the ActiveMQ dead letter

But a feature we would like to have is for dead letters to have some way of
knowing what caused the failure (other than the log.) Something like adding
the exception to exchange before going to the DLQ. This seems pretty easy to
do as well ... 

But question is to do this, does this imply we should now use the camel
provided redelivery and exception handling to handle the common errors
(using onRedelivery to attach the cause to the exchange), but leave the JMS
action as transacted to catch things like the whole JVM crashing, plug being
pulled out?

Just wanting to make sure I have the concepts right in my head.


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