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From Maurizio Branca <>
Subject Non-trivial integration using a FTP server
Date Tue, 24 May 2011 22:32:12 GMT

I am dealing with an bi-directional integration with and external
using a FTP server.

Our customer already have in place some non-trivial rules for what
usually is handled with a 'done file' in Camel.

A plain simple 20110001_DATAFILE (2MB CSV file) when published on the
FTP server becomes:

 1. 20110001_DATAFILE_001 is written (1MB)

 2. 20110001_DATAFILE_001.send is written (CSV metadata with
statistics on the file 20110001_DATAFILE_001 contents)

 3. 20110001_DATAFILE_002 is written (1MB)

 4. 20110001_DATAFILE_002.send is written (CSV metadata with
statistics on the file 20110001_DATAFILE_002 contents)

 5. 20110001_DATAFILE.session is written (a zero size 'done file')

The original CSV file can be splitted when it is bigger than a given
threshold (1MB in this example).

These file are ready to be consumed when the .session file has been created.

And these files have to be both consumed and produced using these rules. :-|

The standard FTP component can handle the .session file using the
doneFileName but does not supports multiple data files. I'm planning
to create a custom extension of the FTP component but I'm not sure
that it is the best solution.

Any suggestion or observation about this context is really, really...
really welcome! :)

Maurizio Branca

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