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From gonzalo diethelm <>
Subject RE: Service architecture
Date Wed, 18 May 2011 21:34:21 GMT
> > What benefit would you gain from Camel in this case? If your only goal
> is
> > to
> > expose a POJO service through a Restful interface a simple JAX-RS or
> > Spring
> > MVC/REST service would suffice. Or does the implementation of e.g.
> > findPerson(id) involve the use of Camel?

I forgot to ask you a couple of questions about your two points:

1. It seems the only way to have a JAX-RS endpoint in Camel is through CXFRS, which I understand
is pretty heavy weight (is it?). Are there plans to have a camel-jersey component? Is there
any other lighter way to have a JAX-RS endpoint in Camel?

2. I keep reading about Spring MVC and seeing it has all I need for my REST purposes, but
in my mind this is intended for a web application, running on a servlet. Can you actually
expose a Camel endpoint that ends up calling a Java POJO that uses Spring MVC to implement
all the REST methods? If yes, what type of endpoint would that be (servlet, jetty, restlet,
etc.) and how would it be wired to the Java POJO?

Gonzalo Diethelm

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