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From Joshua Watkins <>
Subject Reinstating JMS SimpleMessageListenerContainer
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2011 12:09:13 GMT
A while ago there was a discussion topic that the
SimpleMessageListenerContainer/ConsumerType.Simple was removed from
camel-jms as it was deprecated. However from looking at the latest Spring
docs (
ramework/jms/listener/SimpleMessageListenerContainer.html ) it is alive
and kicking.

Is there another reason that this feature was removed?

The reason I am so keen on the SimpleMessageListenerContainer is that the
DefaultMessageListenerContainer does not allow you to constrain the number
of threads used in a useful way. If you give it a task executor with a
maximum 5 threads and want to listen on 10 routes, only 5 of those routes
would be consumed from. There is even a note about this fact in the docs (
java.util.concurrent.Executor) ). This makes the
SimpleMessageListenerContainer invaluable for scaling out an application
using camel-jms.


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