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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: Would appreciate advice on the best way to tackle a problem
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2011 06:35:08 GMT
What I forgot to write:

from("jms") should be from("jms:queuename").

Some small explanation how your servicebean behaves in this. If the 
method call succeeds the message is automatically committed and so 
removed from the queue. If the method call throws an exception the 
message is automatically rolled back and will be redelivered. If the 
server does down while processing the message the message is also retried.

You can even have several services with a route like this and they will 
do failover and loadbalancing without further code.


Am 19.04.2011 08:26, schrieb Christian Schneider:
> Hi Alph,
> your problem seems to really cry for jms. So if you do not absolutely 
> have to use soap/http for your webservice I advise to do the following.
> I am not exactly sure how to do the database polling but you ssound as 
> if you know how to do it. So I absstract this away. As your service is 
> completely asynchronous you can also nicely skip the soap part and 
> instead I would send a jaxb serialized data class.
> from("db").to("bean:transfomer").to("jms")
> from("jms").transactional().to("bean:servicebean")
> So the idea is to poll the database somehow then use a bean to 
> transform to your data class. If the classs is jaxb annotated it will 
> be serialized to xml before calling jms. You only have to have the 
> camel-jaxb jar on the classpath.
> So the bean transformer would be defined in spring and has a method 
> like this:
> DataClass transform(WhateverTheFatabasePollingProduces source) {
> };
> On the service sidde you have a similar bean with:
> void service(DataClasss) {
> };
> Now to achieve the behaviour with the guaranteed deliver and error 
> handling you require you can set the queue options so it does several 
> redelivery attempts and then move the message to an error queue if 
> that fails.
> This may sound a bit unusual if you are not experienced with jms but 
> this iss exactly the case jms is best in.
> Christian
> Am 19.04.2011 03:32, schrieb alpheratz:
>> Looking for advice on the best way to tackle the following...
>> Need a process to:
>> + poll a database table for the arrival of a new record
>> + transform the record to the XML appropriate for a document-literal 
>> webservice
>> + send to the webservice
>> All this is relatively easy; here are the issues:
>> + the webservice will respond with an immediate communication status
>> (ok/fail)
>> + the service will also respond at some later time with an asynchronous
>> processing status (ok/fail)
>> + outgoing message (n + 1) should only be sent on receipt of the 
>> processing
>> status response for message (n); polling may be paused waiting for 
>> this or
>> it may continue (requiring messages to be buffered, presumably...this 
>> is the
>> easier alternative maybe?)
>> + the incoming async response message may never arrive, of course, so
>> timeout handling will be required
>> + the communication status should ideally allow one to distinguish 
>> between
>> transient comms failures and permanent ones. In the case of transient 
>> one
>> should retry while permanent errors should result in the message being
>> logged
>> I'm not a COMPLETE neophyte with Camel but I'd appreciate any expert 
>> advice
>> on the best way to structure a solution. Pointers to examples/blogs/etc.
>> would be great!
>> Thoughts/suggestions gratefully accepted.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Cheers,
>> Alph
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