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From Hadrian Zbarcea <>
Subject Re: Dropping support for Java1.5
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2011 23:44:34 GMT
Hi Bernd,

First of thanks for using camel and for taking the time to express your thoughts. Much appreciated.

Comments inline.


On Mar 10, 2011, at 12:02 AM, bfischer wrote:

> Hi all,
> Unfortunately I'm only subscribed to this list - so I recognized the
> announcement on the start page right now. That's my fault - but I like to
> follow invitation for a comment at the end of the announcement.

> First of all and to say it short - Camel is great and sure, developers
> decide about the "future" of a project.
Actually the community decides and users are part of the community too. We strongly encourage
you to express your thoughts and your needs.

> On the other side I don't understand that 26.88% of all customers running
> their application on Sun JDK 1.5 (taken from survey) means "virtual no
> interest in java 1.5".
What I meant was no interest in java 1.5 for new development. We know of users who have camel
in production running on java 1.5, but for applications that have no interest of migrating
to a newer version of the jre, there is no interest in migration to a new version of camel
either at this point. It just works, and that's it. 

As far as I know you are actually the first to express interest in continued development on
java 1.5 since the announcement was made a month ago.

> We are on the way to choose ActiveMq and Camel as base for our
> application(s) - but we are bound to Java 1.5 because of the commercial
> environment we have to work with. Staying on Camel V2.6 "for ever" (or for a
> longer time) isn't a convinient option for a new project.
Well, staying on Java 1.5 "for ever" may not be convenient either.

> Right now we are thinking about "compiling" our own "distribution" but we
> aren't sure how big are the differences between Java 1.5 and 1.6 in reality
> and finally how high the effort will be.
Personally I would encourage you to try that. It is not that hard and the best thing would
be to continue maintaing the code from the camel-2.6.0 tag. If you need help, you will probably
get many of your questions answered on this list. I wouldn't expect a lot of fixes/maintenance
to be necessary as you'll probably focus not on enhancing the camel framework, but just keep
it running in your very controlled application (unless I misinterpret your needs).

> Do someone know about whether some of the commercial supporters (e.g. fuse
> or others) are providing still support for Java 1.5?
You can ask that on the fusesource forums for an authoritative answer or maybe one of the
fuse engineers will answer here.
Talend is another company supporting Camel, but I know it does not support it on jdk 1.5.

> If all this options aren't successful than Camel isn't an option any longer
> for us.
> Would be a pity ...
Just out of curiosity, what would the alternative be?

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> Bernd Fischer
> GK Software AG
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