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From Brian <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ stuck message using JTA Transactions
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2011 13:57:22 GMT
Interesting blog post. 

However I don't think that is my issue since it can be reproduced by just
sending two messages to queue foo. The first message will go into queue foo
fine, get consumed and be put into queue bar. However the second message
will be consumed from queue foo be put into queue bar but will never fully
get consumed and removed from queue foo. 

This only occurs after the first message and each subsequent message that
has been consumed from queue foo. However if we restart the system the
message that was stuck we will consumed from queue foo and be put into queue
bar which will then contain two copies of the same 
message and then the next message will continue to be stuck in queue foo. It
appears that something is loosing context of the transaction/thread after
the first message causing the transaction/message to be blocking.

If I do ever get this working in this manner I will have to keep an eye out
for what you mentioned in your blog post since it will be used for a system
processing hundred of thousands of messages a day with periods of high
traffic so I will have to take a look into the flow control issue you


Brian Osborne | xFact, Inc.

Krsmanovic, Dragisa wrote:
> You might be having issues with ActivMQ flow control.
> I blogged about similar problem a while back.
> Basically, there is a limit on the total number of messages buffered in
> AMQ. In a transacted route a message will not be taken off the queue
> unless the transaction is successful. But you can't complete the
> transaction because, since all the resources are taken, you can't place
> the message on the next queue.

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