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From Rosmon Sidhik <>
Subject Re: DefaultShutdownStrategy can't shutdown DefaultErrorHandler's retries?
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2011 23:22:10 GMT
Hi Claus,
Thanks for the quick response.
I'm using OpenMq and I have noticed that when use a queue with
errorhandler and redeliveryPolicy configured,
the message seems to stay on the queue till one of the retries passes
or all of them fail and then gets put on the deadletteruri.

I'm facing this issue when i'm using topics and have durableconsumers
subscribing to the topic that I have the problem.
I'm using onException block in the route where the durableconsumer is
defined and it is transacted. I also have a redeliverPolicy defined
here (same as for queue).
Once the exception happens the message doesn't go back on the topic
(i'm guessing that's the logical way it's supposed to work),
but now if for some reason the camel context goes down then we loose
the message that's being redelivered/retried.

This is the reason I was looking for a persistent errorhandler.
Rosmon Sidhik

On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 10:41 PM, Claus Ibsen <> wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 1:14 AM, rosmons <> wrote:
>> Hi Claus,
>> I've been trying to figure out if the TransactionErrorHandler actually
>> persists the message in between retries.
>> I can see from your post here that it's probably not implemented yet. I have
>> used the hawtdb as repo for Aggregation, but was wondering if you could
>> point me in the right way to do the same for the TransactionErrorHandler.
>> I wouldn't mind writing the additional code and could probably upload a
>> patch that can be used for future release if you find it useful.
>> The reason we need this is for the following scenario:
>> We have a topic which has durable consumers.
>>  - The durable consumers receive a message
>>  - Encounters an error while transmitting to a route
>>  - in the OnException definition we have a RedeliveryPolicy which could run
>> upto 24hrs
>>  - Let's say the camel context shutsdown due to some reason we loose the
>> message that is being redelivered
> Hi
> Usually the message broker have options for redelivery. By leveraging
> those instead, you ensure the message is kept persisted in the broker.
> I suggest you take a look at what the broker offers, instead of using
> Camel's redelivery.
>> if i can add persistence to the errorhandler it would solve this issue for
>> me.
>> thanks
>> Rosmon
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