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From Jeffrey Knight <>
Subject Re: JMSConfiguration - Camel vs CXF
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2011 00:44:41 GMT

> So my question is why donĀ“t you simply use an ActiveMQConnectionFactory in spring and
skip all the JNDI stuff. I have done some deployments in an enterprise environment
> and we most times did not use jndi

Very strict client corporate/enterprise requirements that resources be managed in WAS. (We're
using IBM MQ via JNDI not activeMQ but for sample purposes probably helpful to Camel users
to show both.) There's in fact a separate team dedicated to creating the JNDI resources in
WAS who manage scalability etc and simply dole out the JNDI info for clients to connect. If
they felt like swapping out IBM MQ for ActiveMQ our app in fact would never know! Also, authentication
credentials are managed at this level. 
It is quite complicated.

Thanks for the CFX feedback I can remove that.

Note that the ant build.xml updates applicationContext.xml before war'ing it. Not sure how
to do that in maven ...
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