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From rxm0203 <>
Subject Re: Dead Letter Error Handler and non blocking mode
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2011 14:37:08 GMT

Hi Claus,

I upgraded to Camel 2.4 but I see still see blocking behavior. Here are the
contents of my camel-context.xml.

<bean id="deadLetterErrorHandler"
 exchanges is routed to activemq:queue:ActiveMQ.DLQ in cased redelivery 
  <property name="deadLetterUri" value="activemq:queue:ActiveMQ.DLQ" /> 
 <!--  reference the redelivery policy to use 
  <property name="redeliveryPolicy" ref="redeliveryPolicyConfig" /> 
 <!--  here we set the redelivery settings 
 <bean id="redeliveryPolicyConfig"
 try redelivery at most 6 times, after that the exchange is dead and 
			its routed to the activemq:queue:ActiveMQ.DLQ endpoint 

  <property name="maximumRedeliveries" value="6" /> 
 <!--  delay 300s before redelivery 
  <property name="redeliveryDelay" value="300000" /> 
  <property name="asyncDelayedRedelivery" value="true" /> 

<camelContext id="serviceContext" trace="false"
 <route id="calcQueue">
  <from uri="activemq:queue:Order" /> 
 <recipientList id="recipientList1">
  <method method="calculate" bean="queueCalculator" /> 
 <route id="ProcessOrder" errorHandlerRef="deadLetterErrorHandler">
  <from uri="activemq:queue:Order.*" /> 
  <bean ref="OrderProcessor" method="process" /> 

With above configuration if activemq:queue:Order.User1 is in retry mode,
Camel doesn't process any messages from activemq:queue.Order.User2 queue.
Camel waits to complete all retries in activemq:queue:Order.User1 before
processing any message in activemq:queue.Order.User2 queue. Am I missing any
configuration here?


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