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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: Camel gui based route build questions..
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2011 13:21:07 GMT
Hi Sumit

On 3 January 2011 08:00, sumit singh <> wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> We are camel users and use it for couple of our orchestration activities.
> Right now we  running out ways to manage and design camel routes so we are
> in dire need of a graphical designer .

I hear you ;) our customers have similar needs.

> We already have a  process engine designer  for our platform a earlier demo
> of old version is available at : , and we are
> thinking of doing
> route builder on top of it.
> But before we code anything for camel route designer we wanted to touch base
> to make sure we donot overlap and at the same time can contribute or help.
> Is there anyone else who is working on this task?  afaik at fusesource some
> work is going on.

I work at FuseSource and am working on a graphical designer & editor
of Camel Enterprise Integration Patterns (code named Rider), both a
web based design/runtime version and an Eclipse based IDE. We're
entering beta in the next couple of weeks; I'll ping the list when its

> can we access early beta or something?
> Any tentative date for release?
> Any feature list?

So far to visually load, create, edit & design any Camel EIP routes at
development time or runtime. There's loads more management & developer
tooling coming out this year too...

> Is it going to be free ?opensource?

Currently its going to be closed source AFAIK, free for evaluation and
included in our development or production subscriptions; though am
sure there will be some OEM possibilities if you want to bundle our
tooling in your products.

> Do we have any contacts that we can reach at? I wen to the fusesource blogs
> but could not find direct emails and did not know if it would be
> appropriate to approach directly.

Feel free to ping me directly if you want to talk off list about it.

> Is there anyone else who is also looking forward for the designer?

I've met many folks at Fuse Days in the last 12 months who are very
eager to take Rider for a spin, early feedback from folks is good -
I'll ping the list when the beta program is open.

Twitter: jstrachan

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