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From Martin Krasser <>
Subject [INFO] Project scalaz-camel
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2011 08:22:21 GMT

I want to let you know of a new Camel-related project that I've been 
working on over the last couple of weeks:

scalaz-camel - A Scalaz-based DSL for Apache Camel [1, 2]

 From the docu: " This project provides a domain-specific language (DSL) 
for Apache Camel that is based on the Scala programming language and the 
Scalaz [3] library. It supports the combination of message processors 
and endpoints to complete message processing routes based on functional 
programming (FP) concepts such as continuations, monads and Kleisli 
composition. The scalaz-camel DSL is an alternative to Camel’s existing 
Java DSL and Scala DSL (it does not depend on the org.apache.camel.model 
package) ... [and]was re-designed from scratch with the goal of a better 
and more native integration with the Scala programming language." (find 
more at [4])

Over the last year I've been involved in Scala projects that use Apache 
Camel and was looking for a way to better utilize the power of Scala and 
functional programming concepts when creating integration solutions with 
Camel. The scalaz-camel project is a proposal how this could look like.

I'm posting this message because I'd like to hear your opinion about the 
approach taken by scalaz-camel. I'm also interested in your opinion 
whether you see a need for a stronger investment in supporting Scala and 
functional programming in Camel.

The scalaz-camel project is still in an early stage, some features (for 
production) are still missing (and documentation needs to be completed) 
but I hope the general direction is clear from the latest release 
(version 0.2). I'm also open for discussions about contributing 
scalaz-camel to Apache Camel.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.



Martin Krasser


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