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From Maciek Próchniak <>
Subject Integrating camel with activiti
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2011 11:26:52 GMT

Activiti ( is a 'superdelux process engine for
Java' (quote from ;)), which uses BPMN 2.0
and comes with Apache Licence. It has some nice management webapps, and
can be run either embedded in java application or e.g. in OSGi

I wrote simple camel component which enables enables integration with
You can invoke camel route from process:

<serviceTask id="serviceTask" activiti:delegateExpression="${camel}"/>
(bpmn 2.0 fragment)


(camelProcess is name of bpmn process, var1 is variable in process) 

You can also signal process from camel route:

<receiveTask id="receive" name="Wait State"/>
(bpmn 2.0 fragment)

from( "file:///tmp/activiti/receive")
(PROCESS_KEY_PROPERTY is business process identifier, camelProcess is
bpmn process name) - here is the code - here is sample,
and here is
description for activiti forum (it starts with some 'why is camel great
framework ;)). 

I'm not sure where does this project really belong to -  activiti or
camel (assuming of course that any community would accept this
contribution ;)), however activiti is being developing more rapidly now
(1 month release cycle) so guess it makes more sense to put it in

I'd be grateful for any comments/remarks

maciek prochniak

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