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From "Wilson, Chad (Equity Technology)" <>
Subject Issue with route specific onException and jms component
Date Fri, 24 Dec 2010 10:36:36 GMT
Hi all

(Apologies about corporate junk at bottom of message)

I've been trying to upgrade our Camel usage to 2.5.0 and have been
scratching my head about a weird integration test failure and change in
behavior in 2.5.0 related to per-route exception handling. The issue
seems to occur when the JMS component throws an exception on a secondary
route as a side effect of processing a message on a primary route - for
some reason the exception ends up bubbling up to the primary route
rather than being caught by the ErrorHandler for the route the component
is in. Additionally, the secondary route's message ends up stuck in

The flow we're trying to achieve in this use case is:

1) Message X received on Route A
2) Do some stuff to Message X
3) Synchronously generate and send ack message Y down secondary Route B
	3a) Use recipient list to dynamically decide reply endpoint
	3b) Ack perhaps cannot be delivered to this endpoint for some
reason (JMS error)
	3c) Handle exception somehow
4) Continue processing Message X on Route A

I've adapted this into a test case (possibly could be simpler) - the
attached passes consistently for me on Camel 2.4.0 but consistently
fails on Camel 2.5.0. Can someone explain why?

I've noted issues like
but if I remove the error handler from the primary route the exception
still bubbles back up, so I don't think it's due to this.

Is anyone able to explain this behavior? Any workaround suggestions if
it is indeed a bug? We'd prefer to stick with Camel 2.5.0 to benefit
from some enhancements to use of property placeholders and other bits
and pieces.

Many thanks

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