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From "ext2" <>
Subject Re: Wast performance? Instrument Interceptor is wrapped twice for each processor.
Date Fri, 03 Dec 2010 11:22:54 GMT
Thanks Harian Zbarcea:
	Instrument will be useful. But being wrapped and execute twice for
single processor will be a waste;
	Actually, I found this problem while debug and tracing a spring
configured camel route. At least in Camel 2.4.0 and using spring, it real
does wrap twice. 
	Maybe you could take  a moment to debug and tracking a camel route ,
you will see it. 
	Or,you can turning on the "TRACE" level for logging, and checking
the Instrument Processor's output. You could see it;
	Following is my route:
			<from uri="direct:from" />
			<bean id="id0" ref="bean1" method="normal" />
			<to  id="id0_1" uri="mock:result" />
			<bean id="id1" ref="bean1" method="raiseError" />
	But the trace result is  : 2 of first bean, 2 of the  "to" endpoint,
2 of the second bean and 1 for route;

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Sender: Hadrian Zbarcea [] 
Date: 2010/12/2 22:21
Subject: Re: Wast performance? Instrument Interceptor is wrapped twice for
each processor.

The InstrumentationProcessor is a delegate processor (aka interceptor) that
allows you do do before and after processing.
It is not really invoked twice (or I have to see a test case that does that,
the unit tests in camel I am aware of don't). It is invoked once, takes a
start timestamp, it delegates processing to the inner processor and then
takes the time diff and records it.

Now with a DelegateProcessor all this call is synchronous. Being actually a
DelegateAsyncProcessor, the call to the inner processor is done by the async
engine (see AsyncProcessorHelper.process()) which calls asynchronously on
the done() method. I assume this is what you see and interpret as a second

This design is not wasting performance, quite to the contrary. It ensures a
better use of resources and scales much better with higher message volume.

I hope this helps,

On Dec 1, 2010, at 9:53 PM, ext2 wrote:

> Hi:
> 	Each camel processor will be wrapped with Instrument Interceptor
> twice.  So for each process , the Instrument interceptor will be executed
> twice.
> 	 It seems no use but waste performance; 
> 	Why? Or a bug?
> Thanks for any suggestion.

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