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From William Tam <>
Subject Re: Questions of how to simplify using Camel as mediator for WebService
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2010 16:03:47 GMT
I think you can give Simple Language's OGNL a try (on CxfPayload object)
to avoid writing Java code.

On 12/14/2010 10:40 AM, ext2 wrote:
>> Camel message header is used by transport header and other Camel
>> "internal" header.
> Is it the design principles of camel? Only transport header and Internal
> header?
>> If you jam the SOAP header in there, not only it can
>> create a mess. How can other components tell it is not a "transport"
>> header but it is a header of your SOAP message? If you think about it,
>> the SOAP header is really a part of the a SOAP message which is the
>> payload of Camel message.
>> Also, the Camel header would be propagated as
>> protocol" header such as HTTP unless it is filtered out.
> Maybe you are right, but how the resolve the question "facilitate to use
> camel as web service mediator"? 
> Or camel cannot act as a better mediator for webservice?
> ----original-----
> Sender: William Tam [] 
> Date: 2010/12/14 23:10
> Receiver:
> Subject: Re: Questions of how to simplify using Camel as mediator for
> WebService
> On 12/14/2010 08:51 AM, ext2 wrote:
>> Hi:
>> 	The cxf component (payload model)will wrapped the soap message in a
>> CXFPayLoad or a CXFMessage. Both are not advantage for camel's script
>> language to access headers and body xml。 
>> 	I cannot use a simple expression etc: simple language or xpath
>> language to access the soap header. That means I must always write a java
>> program to query the soap xml even for a very simple usage;
> You can try MESSAGE mode. You will get the entire SOAP message in one
> XML. CxfPayload gives you access to individual header or body part as a
> Element and you don't have to parse the SOAP message. In MESSAGE mode,
> you get to parse the SOAP message which sounds like what you want.
>> 	I am not sure why the camel's cxf component doesn't map soap header
>> to  message header,soap body to message body. 
>> 	If so , the end user can  use camel as mediator  for Web Service
>> more simply;
> That may be true if Camel has only one component - camel-cxf.
>> Thanks for suggestion

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