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From William Tam <>
Subject Re: cxf:consumer and cxf:producer in one route
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2010 19:06:39 GMT
I think you need to set the mode back to PAYLOAD mode inside the second 
processor (convertResponse) until CAMEL-3420 is fixed and delivered.  I 
added a unit test for your reference.

On 12/09/2010 02:28 AM, Thomas KRIECHBAUM wrote:
> Hello,
> the conversion does not help. It seams, that the second cxf-component
> (POJO) changes the camel exchange in a way the first cxf-component
> (PAYLOAD) can't deal with. For simplicity, I have bound both components to
> the same WSDL, but even if I wrap the response from the second
> cxf-component to an CxPayload (body-list contains one DOM-element) it
> could not be serialized to XML by the XMLStreamDataWriter.
> Here is my route:
> from(cxf://...?dataFormat=PAYLOAD).process(convertRequest).to(cxf://...?dataFormat=POJO).process(convertResponse)
> Do I have to apply some kind of pattern to preserve to information of the
> first cxf-component (headers, CxfConstants.DATA_FORMAT_PROPERTY, ...)
> before invoking the second cxf-component?
> Can the second cxf-compoent works on its own camel exchange instance?
> For testing purposes, if have implemented a processor that creates the
> CxfPayload without calling the second cxf-component. In this case, the
> CxfPayload is serialized to XML as expected.
> The route:
> from(cxf://...?dataFormat=PAYLOAD).process(createPayload)
>> Mixing of POJO and PAYLOAD is probably fine but you have to do some
>> conversion (e.g. in a processor).  You know the message body for POJO
>> mode is List<Object>  and for PAYLOAD mode is CxfPayload.   So, it needs
>> conversion from a List<Object>  to CxfPayload for the request and convert
>> back from CxfPayload to List<Object>  on the response.
>> from(cxf://...?dataFormat=POJO).process(convertRequest).to(cxf://...?
>> dataFormat=PAYLOAD).process(convertResponse)
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