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From Charles Moulliard <>
Subject Re: XML performance concerns
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2010 14:42:25 GMT
Hi Patrice,

Camel uses the javax.xml.xpath librairies of the KDK. To parse the 
document, it uses DOM class of org.w3c.dom.Document, Node, ...

But you can use a different documentType to convert the string into a 
Sax stream instead of a DOM

      * Configures the document type to use.
      * <p/>
      * The document type controls which kind of Class Camel should 
convert the payload
      * to before doing the xpath evaluation.
      * <p/>
      * For example you can set it to {@link InputSource} to use SAX 
      * By default Camel uses {@link Document} as the type.
      * @param documentType the document type
      * @return the current builder
     public XPathBuilder documentType(Class<?> documentType) {
         return this;

Remark : If your file is really big, then consider to use camel-stream 
to avoid memory leak or one of the strategy mentioned by Saxon -->



On 06/12/10 15:05, wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm handling big XML messages (they may be a few MB big).
> I'm concerned about potential performance issues.
> How is XML handled internally in Camel?
> What happens when I call xpath() in a camel route?
> What is the XPATH engine used? Is the whole XML parsed into a DOM W3C Document?
> Is there any alternate DOM implementation available? I'm thinking of DOM4J for instance.
> Any best practice about XML handling in Camel is welcome.
> Patrice
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