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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: Defining routes dynamically
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2010 00:24:57 GMT
You are making things complicate.
Why don't you try to generate the spring DSL which is based on you 
business logic and use less simple expressions ?

On 11/17/10 3:22 AM, Craig Taylor wrote:
> In an effort to avoid having to recompile / deploy our application for every
> customer / data iteration I'm attempting to store the route within the
> database and upon initialization, define the static routes represented
> therein (simple() match expression and target).
> I'm running into difficulty defining a route in which multiple simple
> expressions are evaluated and one or more targets are then directed.  When
> making use of the choice() when() clause I find it's unable to continue
> evaluation of the other when() clauses after satisfaction of the 1st match.
> [ Eg: A given match does not predispose other matches ].
> When making use of filter() I'm also unable to determine how I can have
> multiple filters and wire them so that they occur sequentially.
> Suggestions?

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