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From "S. Ali Tokmen" <>
Subject OW2 JOnAS + Apache CAMEL integration version 1.5.5 is available
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2010 17:41:13 GMT
Hello to both CAMEL and JOnAS enthusiasts

Recently, both Apache CAMEL 2.5.0 and OW2 JOnAS 5.2.0-M3 have been 
released. We are therefore pleased to announce the immediate 
availability of the JOnAS + CAMEL packaging, version 1.5.5.

The main question is of course: what is this good for, anyways?

Well, OW2 JOnAS is a Java EE certified server, with all features you 
would expect from a Java EE server: centralized configuration, 
standardized monitoring, robust deployment, security, clustering, ... 
and what's "really special" about JOnAS is that it is fully based on 
OSGi (Apache Felix as OSGi gateway, Apache iPOJO as the dynamic service 
component runtime).

Apache CAMEL is a powerful integration framework based on the Enterprise 
Integration Patterns (EIP). It supports most of the patterns (various 
message receivers and pollers, routing, splitting, multiplexing, 
asynchronism, etc.), with support for nearly 100 components (i.e., 
protocols; varying from File to Web Services, Google App Engine to LDAP) 
and a powerful extension mechanisms.

The glue between those two is, as you would have guessed, OSGi: thanks 
to OSGi, CAMEL can be truly integrated into JOnAS. Moreover, iPOJO adds 
dynamism to this integration; you can for example use injected OSGi 
services in your CAMEL routes.

Why is CAMEL a big added value for existing Java EE platforms? The 
answer is easy: if you stick to the "standard" A2A models in your Java 
EE applications, you will need to implement bindings between all 
external applications and your applications manually. That "manual glue" 
will be hard to design (since you don't have such a powerful tool as 
EIPs available to you), hard to test and most importantly hard to 
maintain. Thanks to CAMEL, interconnection between applications becomes 
much, much easier, centralized, standardized and robust.

And, why is JOnAS a big added value for CAMEL? Being a Java EE server, 
JOnAS supports advanced Java EE options (XA datasources, transaction 
management, ...) and centralized configuration, management and 
deployment. Thanks to JOnAS, you can therefore cluster your Apache CAMEL 
routes, easily deploy them, have monitoring features as well as advanced 
options such as HTTP thread pool optimizations.

If you're interested, you can read more on: . Both Apache 
CAMEL and OW2 JOnAS are LGPL projects, therefore "free" as both in "free 
speech" and "free beer".

Please send over any questions to the mailing list.

And, for those who don't bother about Java EE + OSGi + EIP integration; 
sorry for the noise.



S. Ali Tokmen

Office: +33 4 76 29 76 19
GSM:    +33 66 43 00 555

Bull, Architect of an Open World TM

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