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From jh0331 <>
Subject Re: MessageConverter Example
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2010 16:32:59 GMT

yes, I meant the messageConverter option of the JMS component.

I looked in the unit test source, and I see no tests that utilize
MessageConverter.  perhaps I have overlooked them?

let me explain why I am asking...  

basically, I have a cbridge route bridging a weblogic queue to a websphere
mq queue.  on the weblogic side, a header element is being inserted called
JMS_BEA_RedeliveryLimit.  here is an example:

05 Nov 2010 11:47:54,998[MESSAGE :]Exchange[Id:ID:<587743.1288971857951.0>,
Headers:{JMSRedelivered=true, JMSType=null, JMSExpiration=0,
JMSTimestamp=1288971857951, JMSCorrelationID=null,
JMSDestination=server-jms!RequestBridgeQueue, JMSXDeliveryCount=8,
JMSPriority=4, JMSXGroupID=null, JMSDeliveryMode=2, JMSReplyTo=null,
JMS_BEA_RedeliveryLimit=10}, BodyType:String]

mq related code is generating the following error:

Caused by: JMSCC0050:
The property name 'JMS_BEA_RedeliveryLimit' is reserved and cannot be set.
The supplied property name begins with the JMS prefix, but is not one of the
supported, settable properties. Check the property name and correct errors.

so I was thinking I could create a MessageConverter, and remove that header
property before the message is passed to websphere.  does this approach make

I have not been able to get the following approach working as mentioned on
the JMS Component page:


I was able to trigger my message converter in a junit by manually creating
the components and starting routes without the notation specified above, but
this approach is not working on live system yet.  also, I don't really want
to manually create the components, instead relying on camel context and
scanner to automatically set everything up...

any advice is appreciated.


jh0331 wrote:
> Does anyone have a MessageConverter example handy?  I am having problems
> getting this to work...  
> There are a few existing posts on this topic, but none with clear answers
> / guidance.
> thanks!
> jon

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