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From Bruno Dusausoy <>
Subject Re: Endpoint construction
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2010 09:53:33 GMT
On Thu, 28 Oct 2010 10:40:48 +0100, Hadrian Zbarcea
<> wrote:
> Hi Bruno,
> Your original question was: "Should I call a certain method in order
> to correctly build the Endpoint after setting the options ?". The
> answer to that is now.
> On your disagreement, what James meant (I think) is that we could for
> instance do a better job at resetting an endpoint url, but that's not
> an easy task. We could for instance add all the parameters that change
> the default. Then you still have the problem of an uri for an endpoint
> that define a param with the same value as the default, so we'd have
> to strip those. We'd have to know what the default is, but we could
> use annotations for this. Or you could just add all the params on the
> logged uri, but then they can get fairly long.
> This is an inconsistency, but it wasn't reported as a major issue
> until now. You seem to think that this is a major issue, correct?

Not at all. This isn't a major issue for me.
In fact, it's not at all related to the issue I had.

Actually my problem was two separate problems mixing up.
I trusted the logging output which told me I had the same endpoint
("file://c:/post") twice, which wasn't really the case - but I didn't
know it at that time.
They were separate endpoints but since I didn't give any of them an
URI, Camel created an automatically generated one for each of them,
which, unfortunately resulted in the same URI, which was outputted by
the logging system.
What I thought, since the log output didn't show me the options part of
the URI, was that it was a "initialization" problem, like a method I
should have called in order to build the endpoint after having set the

So Claus pointed me to the setEndpointUriIfNotSpecified() method, which
solved the problem.

I'm not sure if I clearly explained my issue.

Bruno Dusausoy
YP5 Software
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