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From Seth Call <>
Subject Re: Using Asynchronous Processors -- a little help
Date Sun, 03 Oct 2010 04:05:36 GMT
Thanks so much Claus, Ashwin, and the folks in IRC over the past 2
days.  It works with 2.5!

The code I used is below.  I put this up on my blog for others, as well.

Route and Inline Consumer

// whenever  message is sent to a.test, our AsyncProcessor defined
here will fire
from("jms:queue:a.test").process(new AsyncProcessor() {
      @Override public boolean process(final Exchange exchange, final
AsyncCallback callback) {
           String body = exchange.getIn().getBody(String.class);
           exchange.getOut().setBody("Response: " + body);
           return false;

@Override public void process(final Exchange exchange) throws Exception {}


Sending message as client:

 // get endpoint for JMS queue defined in route above
 Endpoint endpoint = camelContext.getEndpoint("jms:queue:a.test");
 // get producer so that we can fire messages
 Producer producer = endpoint.createProducer();

 // create test message
 final Exchange exchange = producer.createExchange();
 DefaultMessage message = new DefaultMessage();

 // this cast is safe because this must be a JmsProducer

// .process() completes immediately; AsyncCallback instance passed in
has done() called
 // when the consumer above has sent it's response.

 ((AsyncProcessor)producer).process(exchange, new AsyncCallback() {
      @Override public void done(final boolean b) {

          // our async callback. access original exchange for response body
          // should always check exchange.isFailed()
          System.out.println("Got response: " + exchange.getOut().getBody());

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